Functional tender texts

Texts for description of products in public tender

 Functional Offering Texts


For public procurement, it is not permitted to write specific product names for technical solutions. However, it is necessary that the projector investigates whether the chosen solution is at all possible. When selecting the technical solution, the projector has set some requirements / assumptions that the technical product must meet in order for the technical solution to work properly. For example, there may be attributes concerning:

  • Load type
  • Size of load
  • Requirements for approval
  • Fire Requirements
  • Smoke, acoustics, etc.
  • Working environment and safety
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Safety for proper assembly
  • Documentation
  • Other things

For the technical solution to work, it is extremely important that the executor chooses a product that works intentionally. It is therefore also important that the projector describes the requirements for the technical product. If this is not done correctly, it may be expensive for builders, as in the worst case, an incorrect product will be used so that the technical solution does not work properly and thereafter will have the following consequences.

Below are a number of descriptions of Hilti's technical products that the projector can copy into work descriptions, drawings, general notes, etc. The texts are 90% complete, so please. grab the Hiltis technical department to customize the texts to match your project - Hiltis field engineers will also be happy to pass your office to provide further advice / calculation on our technical solutions.

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