CFS-DM Release Notes

CFS-DM Documentation Manager provides frequent releases and updates to the web and mobile software applications in order to continuously improve and add functionality for its users. Find all the details about each software release below.

cfs-dm documentation manager software
Version  Release type  Release date Release details 
3.2 Web & Mobile App
Minor Release Jan 2017 The 3.2 release brings the following new features and enhancements:
• A series of scalability and synchronization updates to increse the speed and mobile app sync and searches within the web app
• Capability to import sub-projects into an existing project in the web app
• Capability to both import and export entire projects (with all sub-projects included)
• Report generation for entire projects with selected sub-projects, with the capability to set seperate filtration criteria for each sub-project/category in the project
• Display of currently logged-in mobile user information in the settings menu of the mobile app
• Capability to selectively download assigned projects in the mobile app, to reduce synchronization time
3.1 Web & Mobile App
Minor Release
Nov 2016 The 3.1 release brings the following new features and enhancements:
• Capability to export only pictures within the project export functionality in the web app
• Customizeable time-zones for a company
• Static access to the menu option within the mobile app
• Ability to "touch to focus" within the mobile app, to sharpen images before they are captured
• Security enhancement to validate passwords during a password reset
3.0 Web & Mobile App
Major Release
Sep 2016 The 3.0 release brings the following new major features and enhancements:
• Support for the documentation of Joints
• Capability to document custom categories of Fire Protection and Fire Prevention (beyond Penetrations and Joints) for specially licensed customers
• Creation of sub-project structure within each project to correspond to selected categories of documentation
• Capability to import and export sub-projects as separate entities within the web app
• Report generation for individual sub-project categories
2.2.11 Web & Mobile App 
Minor Release
Jul 2016 The 2.2.11 release brings the following new features and enhancements:
• Capability to send log file to customer support for Android devices 
• Separation of Sub-Contractor and Client Information fields
• Support for increased file size on 2D Floor Plans
• Capability to change the the size of the 2D Plan marker bubbles for the mobile app
• Implementation of the Swedish and Danish languages
2.2 Web & Mobile App
Minor Release
Nov 2015 The 2.2 release brings the following new features and enhancements:
• Capability to edit 2D Floor Plan market placement in the web app
• Ability to replace a 2D Floor Plan file without losing currently captured markers
• Display of newly available Approval Documents when editing a project in the web app
• Addition of limited login access to the web app for mobile users
• Ability to customize the Penetration Header in generated PDF reports
• Customizable date formatting for a company
• Addition of static buttons in the web app for better usability
• Varied UI enhancements for better usability
CFS-DM documentation manager software

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