PR 30-HVS Rotating laser robust

Robust Rotating laser levels with 360° protection

Fast-charging battery, robust design and strong beams for increased visibility in bright conditions

Imagine how you'd feel if you knocked your laser off its tripod or if it slipped out of your hands on a cold, wet day. Then imagine explaining that to your boss or storeman! With our new range of rotating laser levels you no longer need to worry.

We've built our laser tools with the rough and rugged nature of the construction site in mind, with patented technology to minimise the impact of a drop or tripod fall and tough rubber sealings to keep dust, dirt and water out! 

So whether you are working indoors or outside, on horizontal, vertical or dual-grade slope applications, we've a robust rotating laser to help you get the job done. 

Hilti drop-resistant exterior rotating laser

Outdoor use

Drop-resistant exterior rotating laser levels – built to last.

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Hitli green beam interior rotating laser

Indoor use

Green beam interior rotating laser levels – a visible difference in performance.

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See what makes our laser levels so reliable

Drop-resistant technology

PR 30-HVSG Green beam rotating laser

It’s no secret that there's a risk lasers can be dropped or knocked off a tripod. Accidents happen. That's why our rotating lasers are designed to be as resistant to drops and falls as possible, so that you can focus on perfecting your site gradings, concrete pours, foundation layouts and suspended ceiling installations.

  • External technology: the fibre-plastic reinforced housing and the four shock-absorbing handles buffer the initial impact and reduce the stress on the tool’s internal components. The newly developed safety head adds additional protection in case the tool falls over.
  • Internal technology: energy-absorbing material and patented mineral resin cast effectively protect the tool’s core.  

See a laser drop in action

Our rotating lasers are able to withstand falls from a tripod (1.5 m) and free falls on concrete (1 m) without losing precision. The digital level will be just as precise after the accidental drop as it was before. If you want to see this in action, we'd be happy to show you a demo.

Easy-to-use interfaces with innovative auto-alignment features

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Learning how to use our rotating lasers and receivers is easy! The receiver also serves as the control unit so you don’t need to manage multiple devices.

Our tools offer you auto-alignment for horizontal, vertical and inclined planes. This keeps reference lines in a more precise position than any manually positioned string or stake, and you no longer have to reposition the tool to align the lines. Once the receiver has been put into position, it just takes one push of a button, and the tool does the rest.

Increase your productivity with our fast charging B 12 battery

Hilti B12 V battery pack

Forget about having to charge the batteries overnight. Our new set of compact B 12 Li-Ion batteries can charge while you are taking a coffee break! In just 25 minutes you get 75% of the full charge. When the charge is complete, the battery will last up to two working days, allowing you to work efficiently and without interruption.

The batteries are equipped with our Cordless Power Care system (CPC) which is one of the most powerful lithium-ion storage technologies currently available. The CPC system monitors and controls each battery cell individually ensuring that their capacity is optimally used. CPC also prevents the battery from overheating so you can store the batteries without worrying about them losing their charge. The B 12 batteries are also compatible with other Hilti 12V tools – so you can now use your laser battery to power your 12V drill driver!

Calibration and measuring service – Keeping your Hilti measuring tools precise and accurate

Hilti calibration and measuring services

Rotating laser levels are exposed to rough working conditions. Our drop-resistant laser technology is invented to protect your tools accuracy despite occasional falls. However, there are several other factors influencing accuracy too, such as major changes in air pressure, humidity and temperature, so we recommend you check your lasers levels regularly, at least once a year.

As a Fleet Management customer, we offer you a free annual calibration service including a certificate with your tool’s test result, stating its calibration status.