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Increase your productivity with the new generation SD 5000-A22 02 drywall screwdriver

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SD 5000-A22

Even on the smallest projects, fastening drywall boards to wood and metal is a time-consuming task, requiring manual labour and experienced trade skills.

Today, we bring the new generation SD 5000-A22 02 tool with new features designed to maximise the number of drywall boards you fix per day. We have improved the design and reliability, equipping it with the latest brushless motor technology, an improved trigger function, made it 30% lighter, more comfortable to use and have also added an LED light for better visibility. The best just got even better!

The SD 5000-A22 02 is compatible with all the current screws, magazines and accessories. Plus, it is powered by the same Hilti 22V Li-ion batteries that you use with your other Hilti cordless tools.  

Paired with our Hilti SD-M 2 02 collated drywall screw system, you can speed up the fixing process, improve productivity and deliver labour cost savings.

It is already optimised to set screws from 25 mm up to 51 mm without the need to adjust the magazine. Perfect for speedy repetitive fixing of drywall and other boards. Additionally, the SD-M 2 02 fits all current Hilti drywall screwdrivers so all you need to get up to speed are the new collated screw strips!



2D image of the Hilti SD-M 2 screw magazine which is compatible with the SD 5000-A22 cordless drywall screwdriver

SD-M 2 screw magazine

Screw magazine for collated screws from 25-51 mm long.

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S-DS 01 B Single drywall screw (phosphate-coated) for fastening drywall boards to metal

SMD 57 screw magazine

Screw magazine for collated screws from 9-57 mm long.

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S-DS 01 B M1 Collated drywall screw (phosphate-coated) for the SD-M 1 or SD-M 2 screw magazine – for fastening drywall boards to metal

Collated screws

Collated drywall screw (phosphate-coated) for the SD-M 1 or SD-M 2 screw magazine – for fastening drywall boards to metal

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Extension tube SME - Pole tools and extension tubes for drywall screwdrivers

Extension tubes

Increases screwdriving reach by 550 mm, helping you to work overhead without ladders or scaffold.

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