Frequently asked questions

Hilti SMART monthly subscription freight service

What is Hilti Smart?

Hilti Smart is a subscription program dedicated to all customers who want to work with Hilti every day with the utmost simplicity. If you frequently purchase Hilti products and services, with one of Hilti Smart's subscriptions you will get unlimited deliveries for a fixed monthly or yearly cost. We offer two subscription options: Standard and Premium.


Why Hilti Smart?

We heard your feedback and want to make our freight services easier and clearer. A freight subscription service brings flexibility and reduces the surprise of freight rates.


Who can join Hilti Smart?

Any customer can join Hilti Smart without any restrictions and can choose the subscription that best suits their needs.


What products can be ordered with Hilti Smart?

Hilti Smart is valid for any product in the Hilti catalogue, including long goods.


What is included in Hilti Smart?

The services included in Hilti Smart vary depending on the subscription plan. For further information, click here.

If you want more information on our Logistic Services, please click here.


How is subscription charged?

Subscription is charged at company level. This means the subscription benefit will apply to all the construction sites defined in your account.

You will receive a monthly invoice on the 1st working day as advance payment. For example, the invoice for Oct 1st, covers the service of all October.


How long does Hilti Smart last?

Hilti Smart is a monthly or yearly subscription that is auto-renewed.


Can I change the subscription plan?

Of course! Please contact Customer Services (link to contact CS) requesting the change of subscription plan. The change will be applied from the next month.

Example: If you email us on Oct 15th to change plan, the plan will be changed from November. Your next bill on Nov 1st will have the price of the new plan.


How do I cancel a Hilti Smart subscription?

Please contact Customer Services requesting cancellation of the subscription plan. The change will be applied from next month. 

Example: If you email us on Oct 15th to cancel Hilti Smart, this will be in effect from November. Your last invoice was from Oct 1st and there will no invoice in November.


Will there be a refund in case of cancellation?

No refund is given as the monthly invoice is an advanced payment.


I currently have the Service Card, can I change to Smart?

Of course! Please contact your Account Manager so they can support with the change to Hilti Smart.


Can I renew next year with Service Card?

No, Service Card will no longer be available after 2020. If you would like to continue with the freight subscription, please contact your Account Manager so they can support with the change to Hilti Smart

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