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Features & Applications

  • Highly versatile – one product for a variety of insulation materials, pipe materials and pipe diameters
  • Quicker and easier installation – no hooks, anchors or drilling
  • High resistance to mold and mildew – tested to EN ISO 846 standards
  • High elasticity – flexible enough to use on small-diameter pipes
  • Good elasticity for optimum flexibility
  • Firestopping around insulated (hot/cold) non-flammable pipes
  • Pipe materials: copper, steel and other metals with heat conductivity lower than that of copper (e.g.cast iron, stainless steel etc.)
  • Various insulation materials
  • Suitable for use in openings in concrete, masonry block or drywall
  • For use around insulated (hot/cold) flammable and non-flammable pipes

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